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We are driven by our client's performance.    We work closely to optimize and achieve the target cost per acquired customer.    We provide our clients with a comprehensive solution in order to drive sales. 

With warm call transfers, our call center agents call our hand-raisers to take them through a qualification survey. Upon verification and qualification, we transfer the call to our client with a warm hand off. These calls are best suited for licensed agents - no need for "fronters" since we've taken the lead through an extensive qualification process.

Our robust Facebook, Google, and native campaigns generate inbound (click-to-call) phone calls.     

This tactic represents the greatest level of success for our clients,  provided they are able to receive calls at scale.

Our phone verified  leads are generated the same way we generate call transfers.  The only difference is the person is expecting a call back instead of being transferred to a live representative. These high value referrals are either emailed or posted directly to our clients' CRM.



This retainer based service provides agency strategy and execution with regard to all things performance marketing. We work with Brands and agencies to navigate the media landscape in order to hit KPIs and assortment of backend targets. Our dedicated client associates are well versed in our proven strategies, and more importantly, are a joy to work with. If you are involved in the pay-per-call or cost-per-lead arena, or are considering it, please contact us to set up a 30 minute interview session - where we will determine if we can accommodate your needs.

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